Top 5 Tacos You Can’t Resist

23 February 2021

Do you love yourself some tacos? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone, Americans consume tacos by the boatload, and are proud of it. The taco is a staple food for many reasons. Mainly it’s delicious, it’s pretty hard to mess up and they’re fun to eat. Secondly is it’s cheap usually.

But irresistible tacos are not easily created. And finding the one vendor that gets the flavors just right can be hard to do.

There are hundreds of different styles of tacos. From Korean style to traditional carne asada. The quality and the ingredients matter when considering a great taco. So, in this article, we are going over the top 5 irresistible tacos, so you can go out and find that perfect taco.

No matter if you are in the U.S or navigating the streets of Mexico. These top 5 tacos will be known.

Types of Taco Wraps

Before we get into the kinds of tacos are considered the top 5, let’s go over a few taco basics. A taco 101 course – don’t worry it’s short. The first thing you want to do when selecting a taco is to decide whether your taco will be flour, or corn wrapped.

Now depending on where you are, in the U.S or Mexico will also play a role in what’s available. In Mexico, the region you are in can depend on how you eat your taco. For instance in Mexico City tacos wrapped in corn tortilla reigns supreme, but in the U.S flour seems to be the standard.

If you can go to a street vendor or restaurant that gives you the option on what you want, then that’s a sign of a taco establishment that caters to their customers. This is not to say a place that only uses corn is bad, no that is not the case. What we are saying is having the option to try tacos with different wraps gives you a better experience to find what you really like.

You would be surprised on how different a taco tastes with just a change in the wrap.

Taco Pro Tip: Only go to places that make tacos fresh to order. Freshness equals quality tacos.

Types of Tacos

Al Pastor Tacos – This is a common taco found in the states, and all over Mexico. In Mexico Pastor tacos are always made with pork, it’s fried up and served piping hot. In the U.S you may find Pastor made with chicken or beef.

It can be recognized by its orange in color appearance because of the spices and it’s usually on a very large skewer being rotated. Just like Shawarma. Common ways to eat it is with onion, pineapple, and cilantro.

Carnitas – This taco is made with slow-roasted pork meat. You can have carnitas a few ways, one way is called “maciza” which is all the white meat parts. This is the healthiest way to consume this type of taco. The other way is called “surtido” which is a mixture of pig parts. This way of eating the taco is a bit more greasy and bad for you. But most seem to enjoy it this way.

Arrachera – Though many love carne asada the Arrachera taco is premium beef.  As a matter of fact, it’s one of the best cuts of beef in Mexico. You will know you’re getting the quality you deserve when you look at the price. By far this is the most expensive taco on the menu.

This cut is cooked to perfection, leaving just a little bit of pink in the middle, then cut into strips and served on your tortilla of choice.

Fish/Pescado Taco – These tacos are usually made with the catch of the day, depending on the beach town you’re in. This is usually what’s sold in regions that are by the water. You can sometimes find tacos made with Marlin. This is a more expensive taco. Tacos De camaron or shrimp tacos are beloved, the shrimp can be grilled or fried depending on the restaurant.

Chorizo – This is known for its bright reddish color; it is a type of sausage that is used in breakfast burritos a lot but can be made into a very delectable taco. Chorizo is pork and the taco will have some of the meat and also some fat. In Mexico the Chorizo is cured if you are in the U.S you can ask where they get their Chorizo from, is it bought or is it made in house? If it’s made in house, you have got yourself a winner.

In summary

Tacos can be eaten at any time, day or night. Tacos are connected to fun and are a light food you eat with your hands. They’ve been around for centuries and won’t be going away.These tacos are the top 5 that eaten in the U.S. and well known all throughout Mexico when you’re ready for tacos.

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