Best Takeout for Movie Night

17 February 2021

With all that’s been going on lately staying home doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Being quarantined has changed the face of our society and how we lived forever. It will never be the same. Taco Tuesday, Sunday fun day, and movie night have become household terms used more and more as of late. So,it’s no surprise ordering takeout for movie night has also increased in popularity.

Consequently, this has made it more of a headache to decide who can deliver what and is actually available for delivery. Afterall just like your movies you want some variety. This article is not only going to offer you the best take out options for movie night. But will also include how you can always find the best places to get it since new restaurants are joining the home delivery revolution.

So,let’s get started.


Pasta is comfort food that goes extremely well with drama inspired movies. The suspense can be linked to the same satisfaction you receive when you order a saucy pasta dish. Served with bread. And don’t forget the wine on the side if that’s your thing. No matter if you like spaghetti and meatballs, pasta primavera, or something a little more fancy like pasta carbonara, it can all be delivered now. You can have a dramatic meal with your dramatic movie. All from the comfort of your home.

Burgers and Fries

The simplicity of a burger and fries is an American past time that still goes strong today. This easy to enjoy meal pairs well with action movies or sports movies that have you cheering or sitting on the edge of your seat in excitement.

Let’s just make sure you hold on tight to your food during all this excitement or your dog will be eating your dinner. Whether it’s just you enjoying a movie alone or a group of your friends calling flower mound delivers is a great start to movie night. The quick find food delivery guide makes it easy.

Mexican Food

What is it about comedies that draw people to Mexican food? Having a taco and a beer during a comedy is so nostalgic. Is it the simplicity of Mexican that makes it so enjoyable during comedic storylines? Or is it the spice that keeps you focused and picking up on every punchline in the film? Whatever it is… Mexican food and comedy make a great team.

Another great thing about Mexican is how easy it is to enjoy without a big mess. A flavorful carne asada burrito or a nice plate of warm tamales is a perfect way to enjoy the laughs and an easy way to enjoy take out for movie night.


Suspense and horror movies go perfectly with red sauce and pepperoni. Why? Because not only is pizza easy to order and have delivered. But on top of that, it’s easy to drop on your lap to cover your eyes when a scary part is about to happen.

Pizza and breadsticks are comfort food at its simplest. It’s also great cold, so if you get so wrapped up in the suspense and you don’t eat it right away, it’ll still taste great later.

Chinese or Thai Food

When you are feeling playful and daring Chinese food or Thai food is the way to go. It pairs extremely well with light-hearted animation movies, like Disney, or Pixar films. There is a playful component to eating Chinese or Thai.

It could be the noodles or maybe all the colorful vegetables that are included in the dishes that make it so whimsical to eat during an animated movie. When you are ordering takeout for movie night don’t forget about Asian inspired cuisine. It will add some extra playful fun to your evening.


Who says you need to be at a fancy restaurant to enjoy crab and lobster? There is nothing more romantic than setting up some candles, a few bottles of wine, and a romantic love story movie for date night.

Seafood and romance are paired together like pepper and salt. And with the feature restaurant options flower mound delivers offers, you can find the best and most affordable seafood available for your romantic movie night.

Keep in mind, it a good idea to have some air fresheners and some mints handy. You don’t want that seafood smell and taste lingering when it’s time to cuddle during the movie.

In Conclusion

As you can see there are some great food and movie pairings to make the best takeout for movie night a success. If you don’t agree with the food and movie pairings, that’s cool. Create your own, just be sure to include your selection with Flower Mound Delivers.

We have eleven food type options, making even the pickiest of eaters will be delighted. With our featured restaurants and new listings updated regularly you will definitely find the takeout for a perfect movie night. Call us at (469) 771-4177 and get fine dining and delicious dessert options delivered.

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